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New Member Benefits at MTBM!

The heart and soul of MTB Missoula has always been our members. Since we got this party started with stewardship and trail building, you've always been there to chip in, help out, and make Missoula better through trail.

This year we're changing things up a little bit, and adding perks and benefits (beyond more, better trail all over Missoula) to membership.

As always, when you join MTB Missoula you continue to support our work building bike-specific trails at Marshall Mountain and creating an entirely new area to ride on Mount Dean Stone. But now you can score custom grips or an MTB Missoula flannel when you join the team, and we're partnering with our favorite local businesses to help say thanks for supporting the cause.

Want to learn more?

Join us on March 13th at The Dram Shop for our Spring Meeting and Membership Party. We'll be there with drink specials for new members from Big Sky Brewing, early registration discounts for the Western Montana Trail Series, and a look at the member benefits all over town!

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