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Marshall Mountain

Dual Slalom Course, Marshall Mountain

Marshall is not yet saved.

Marshall Mountain has a long history of recreation- from it's ski-area beginnings in the mid-20th century, to becoming the home of the Missoula XC race course in 2010, to The Nature Conservancy's acquisition of the upper mountain in 2015, transfer to Five Valleys Land Trust ownership, and the subsequent construction of bike-specific mountain bike trails by MTB Missoula. 

The most recent chapter in Marshall's history is the effort to bring ownership into public hands. Local philanthropists Izzy Dog LLC acquired the Marshall base area in 2021, and have leased it to the City of Missoula for 24 months, with an option for the City to buy the property at the end of the lease period. 

Public acquisition would be permanent protection of recreation at Marshall, along with significant improvement of recreation infrastructure and opportunities. MTB Missoula is a member of the Primary Partners group and is committed to making Marshall a permanent and public space for the enjoyment of Missoulians. 

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Engage Missoula - the site for project updates from the City of Missoula and opportunities to comment on planning

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