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Our Vision

We envision a Missoula where mountain bikers are the most thoughtful, informed, and engaged group of users on the trail. We envision a progressive, forward-looking trail system that connects western Montana communities; bike-specific trails on public land; and land management that embraces mountain biking as a trusted partner and valuable presence. We envision a future in which local leaders understand and invest in trails-based recreation, and where our work will provide benefits well beyond our membership. Quite simply, we envision a Missoula made better by trails.

MTB Missoula . . .

  • built Missoula’s first public, sanctioned bike-specific trails

  • maintains over 100 miles of local and backcountry singletrack

  • protects access to beloved alpine rides through proactive participation in planning and management collaboratives

  • builds community through low-key, fun-for-everyone cross country and gravity racing throughout the summer

  • elevated Missoula to the world stage by hosting the 2017-18 Collegiate National Championships and a UCI sanctioned Mountain Bike Stage Race

  • is playing an active, leadership role in developing the next generation of Missoula’s trails and open space legacy at Mount Dean Stone

  • provides expertise, guidance, and support for nearby trail development projects in Philipsburg, Seeley Lake, and Lincoln

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