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House of Sky Trail, Mount Dean Stone

Missoula Youth MTB Library

  • Now accepting youth mountain bike donations

  • In partnership with MT Alpha Cycling, Missoula Parks & Recreation, and Free Cycles

  • Creating a library for free-of-charge, season-long rentals for kids in Missoula

  • Helmets and locks also provided

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Marshall Mountain Park

  • Home of Missoula's first bike-only trails, built by MTB Missoula.

  • As of February 2023, MTBM is working with the Primary Partners group on Marshall master planning.

  • When planning is completed, work toward public acquisition of the base area by City of Missoula can begin in earnest.

  • Look for opportunities for public comment Late Feb - Mid March 2023


Rattlesnake N.R.A.

  • MTB Missoula has helped the USFS maintain and build trails through a Cost Share Agreement since 2010

  • In Fall 2022 we completed a 1.5 mile reroute of the lower east side of Wallman, with major help from Montana Conservation Corps.


Mount Dean Stone

  • A conservation and recreation project south of Missoula by Five Valleys Land Trust, Mount Dean Stone is comprised of multiple landownerships.

  • MTB Missoula has been engaged in both collaborative planning efforts and trail construction there since 2016, including the High, Wide, and Handsome and House of Sky trails.


Syringa Bike Park

  • In 2022, MTB Missoula agreed to take over construction of the Syringa Bike Park Jump Line and long-term maintenance of both Syringa and Bellevue

  • The jump line will include beginner (3 ft high), intermediate (4 ft high), advanced (5 ft high) table tops, for a total of 18 jumps.

  • Construction is planned for 2023


Missoula Trail Partners

  • A new collaborative spurred by MTB Missoula that brings together different trail-user groups to collaborate on trail issues and opportunities.

  • It's just getting off the ground -- first meeting took place late 2022.


Fat Bike Grooming

  • Our team of volunteers, lead by Ken Smith, grooms trails at Twin Creeks on Nature Conservancy property. 


Lolo Forest Planning

  • In 2023, Lolo National Forest is beginning a revision to their Forest Plan - the oldest in the country.

  • MTB Missoula's Advocacy committee is tracking and engaging with the process to ensure mountain bikers are represented.

  • View our preliminary comment letter submitted in late 2022. 


Deep Creek/Dry Gulch

  • In 2023, Trust for Public Lands and US Forest Service have secured over 5000 acres of land west of Missoula through the federal Land Water Conservation Fund program.

  • A popular legacy network of MTB trails has existed on the formerly private property for over 20 years.

  • MTB Missoula has engaged with the project to advocate for the preservation and expansion of MTB opportunities for a number of years, and continues to do so.


Fish Creek State Park

  • Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks is resuming a recreation planning effort at Fish Creek State Park that was put on hold a decade ago. 

  • MTB Missoula is tracking and engaging with the process with an eye toward potential construction of mountain bike specific trails.


Lincoln - Beaver Creek Trails

  • In 2015-2016, the Lincoln Ranger District reached out for help implementing new trails called for by their revised Travel Plan.

  • As contractors, MTBM designed and managed construction of a ~10 mile loop just northwest of the town of Lincoln- High Roller and Low Flow.


Seeley - Hill 16 Trails

  • In 2017-18, Seeley Lake ROCKS reached out for help implementing new trails on the then-recent Nature Conservancy acquisition near Placid Lake.

  • As contractors, MTBM designed and managed construction of the ~2 mile Placid Lakeview trail.


Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act

  • The BCSA is a collaborative project sponsored by Montana Senator Jon Tester to manage Ovando, MT-area lands in a way that benefits all parties

  • MTB Missoula has worked to maintain access to backcountry trails while demonstrating that mountain bikers care about both conservation and recreation.

  • In late 2022, the bill did not pass out of committee. BCSA leadership has asked Tester to make a second attempt.

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