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House of Sky Trail, Mount Dean Stone

Missoula Youth MTB Library

  • Now accepting youth mountain bike donations, lending program to begin in spring of 2024

  • In partnership with MT Alpha Cycling, Missoula Parks & Recreation, and Free Cycles.

  • Creating a library for free-of-charge, season-long rentals for kids in Missoula.

  • Helmets and locks also provided.

  • About 20 bikes collected so far

  • Bike repairs provided by Missoula Bike Works

  • Storage provided by Missoula Storage City

Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 12.56.45 PM.png

Marshall Mountain Park

  • Home of Missoula's first bike-only trails, built by MTB Missoula.

  • As of February 2023, MTBM is working with the Primary Partners group on Marshall master planning.

  • Two million dollars of Open Space Bond funding was secured in October of 2023 by Missoula City Council and County Commission

  • Friends of Marshall Mountain are conducting a fundraiser to raise the funds that will be needed to complete the maintenance and construction needed to make Marshall Mountain safe and operational

  • MTB Missoula will focus on trail building, with the first priorities being a true "easy up" trail and an adaptive-friendly downhill trail


Take a Kid MTB

  • We held three Take a Kid Mountain Biking events in 2023, with around 30 Missoula-area children in attendance

  • Participants learn how to use their brakes and gears while learning safety protocols when riding a bike

  • Partners include Missoula Parks and Recreation after school program, Lowell Elementary, Franklin Elementary, and All Nations Health Center


Rattlesnake N.R.A.

  • MTB Missoula has helped the USFS maintain and build trails through a Cost Share Agreement since 2010

  • In Fall 2022 we completed a 1.5 mile reroute of the lower east side of Wallman, with major help from Montana Conservation Corps.


Mount Dean Stone

  • A conservation and recreation project south of Missoula by Five Valleys Land Trust, Mount Dean Stone is comprised of multiple landownerships.

  • MTB Missoula has been engaged in both collaborative planning efforts and trail construction there since 2016, including the High, Wide, and Handsome and House of Sky trails.


TJO Flyzone at Syringa Bike Park

  • In 2022, MTB Missoula agreed to take over construction of the Syringa Bike Park Jump Line and long-term maintenance of both Syringa and Bellevue.

  • Construction on the jumpline was finalized in fall of 2023 and is set to open in early 2024 after final safety inspections are complete

  • The jump line will include beginner (3 ft high), intermediate (4 ft high), advanced (5 ft high) jumps, for a total of 18 jumps.


Missoula Trail Partners

  • A new collaborative spurred by MTB Missoula that brings together different trail-user groups to collaborate on trail issues and opportunities.

  • First meeting took place late 2022.

  • The group is working on a draft charter to define the group’s purpose, which is focused around reducing user conflict and creating a forum for all groups to collaborate and work with land managers


Fat Bike Grooming

  • Our team of volunteers, lead by Ken Smith, grooms trails at Twin Creeks on Nature Conservancy property. 


Lolo Forest Planning

  • In 2023, Lolo National Forest is beginning a revision to their Forest Plan - the oldest in the country.

  • MTB Missoula's Advocacy committee is tracking and engaging with the process to ensure mountain bikers are represented.

  • View our preliminary comment letter submitted in late 2022. 


Deep Creek/Dry Gulch

  • A popular legacy network of MTB trails has existed on private property for over 20 years.

  • The Trust for Public Land has been working to acquire and transfer several thousand acres of land in the surrounding area to the US Forest Service. While 5000 acres were transferred into the public domain in early 2023, the parcel with the mountain bike trail network remains private property.

  • MTB Missoula has engaged with the project to advocate for the preservation and expansion of MTB opportunities for a number of years. We're hopeful that a transfer of ownership occurs and that public access will be retained. 


Fish Creek State Park

  • Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks is resuming a recreation planning effort at Fish Creek State Park that was put on hold a decade ago. 

  • MTB Missoula is tracking and engaging with the process with an eye toward potential construction of mountain bike specific trails.


Lincoln - Beaver Creek Trails

  • In 2015-2016, the Lincoln Ranger District reached out for help implementing new trails called for by their revised Travel Plan.

  • As contractors, MTBM designed and managed construction of a ~10 mile loop just northwest of the town of Lincoln- High Roller and Low Flow.


Seeley - Hill 16 Trails

  • In 2017-18, Seeley Lake ROCKS reached out for help implementing new trails on the then-recent Nature Conservancy acquisition near Placid Lake.

  • As contractors, MTBM designed and managed construction of the ~2 mile Placid Lakeview trail.


Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act

  • The BCSA is a collaborative project sponsored by Montana Senator Jon Tester to manage Ovando, MT-area lands in a way that benefits all parties.

  • MTB Missoula has worked to maintain access to backcountry trails while demonstrating that mountain bikers care about both conservation and recreation.

  • The bill was just reintroduced by Senator Tester after an initial failure in 2022.

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