Trail Work

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Weekend Dig Days

The regular get-muddy-in-the-morning kind of trail work, plus food and beer.

Alpine Clearing

Prefer your trail explorations in 8 hour increments? Learn more about biggest days here.

Tuesday Night Digs

Evening digs have become a staple of the Missoula MTB community. 


Dig Days

Dig Days

Tread work ranges from clearing water bars and removing brake bumps to building jumps and berms, depending on the project.

These days generally last about half a day and are located closer to town (Marshall, Rattlesnake, Sentinel, Dean Stone)

There’s often lighter work available for those who want to be involved but prefer not to dig. 

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Dig Days

Tuesday Night Digs

For a couple months a year, we organize evening digs on whatever project near town that needs some extra work. 

In 2019 we'll be branching out from our usual location at Marshall, so look for updates on the top of this page in June and July.

Alpine Clearing

On clearing days, we generally set up an early morning shuttle and then ride a trail point-to-point, clearing all trees along the way.  These are long but extremely rewarding days.

We always need swampers (swampers remove smaller trees with a hand saw and help the sawyer pull cut logs off the trail) and brushers (using weedwhackers or loppers), so if you’re not a sawyer you can still be an integral part of the clearing days.

Chainsaw Training

We train and certify our volunteer sawyers with a USFS-approved course. It's a great way to develop your skills and safety while giving back to the trails. Certification is required to saw on our workdays. 

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