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  • Collegiate National Championship

    Collegiate National Championship

      We’re less than two weeks out from hosting USA Cycling’s Collegiate National Championships, and we are pumped. Marshall Mountain will play host to the best collegiate riders from coast to coast, as they duke it out on Cross Country, Downhill, and Dual Slalom courses over three great days of racing. Come see what it’s all […]

  • The Marshall Mountain gravity trail is so, so open

    USA Cycling’s 2017-18 Collegiate National Championships are coming to Marshall Mountain! The recently constructed gravity trail there will be featured in the Downhill competition, but you can get a sneak peak now that it’s open. You asked for bike-specific feature trails, and we delivered. Check it out! You can also get a closer look by […]

  • It’s Not Over Yet: the quiet side of the public land heist

    It’s Not Over Yet: the quiet side of the public land heist

    Public land protections were a hot topic item in the last election. While our two major political parties have different approaches to land management, Montana candidates of all stripes campaigned as advocates for public access to public land. The message was clear: Montanans expect our elected officials to protect our public land. The stump speeches […]

  • Alpine Trail Clearing

    Alpine Trail Clearing

    Ever since those newfangled fatbikes started turning up at trailheads and local bike shops, it seems like mountain bike season is pretty much year round. Heck, we even bought a groomer to keep the wheels turning every month of the year. And while you can usually find a bike for the job, there’s no denying […]

  • Volunteer Thank-you Party / Gravity trail update

    Volunteer Thank-you Party / Gravity trail update

    Since May 1 we’ve been hard at work on a new downhill-only MTB trail above Marshall Mt, and we’re happy to report it’s nearly finished! Please stay off the trail until we give the word- it’s not safe to ride yet, nor is the dirt ready for tires due to the extremely dry weather and […]


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