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  • Event
    Business in the front. Party in the back. There’s no better way to kick off the racing season than to play to our strengths. That’s why in 2022 we’re starting things off with a two-rider relay race: one person goes up, one person comes down. The race begins with a Le Mans start in the base area. Climbers run to their bikes and ascend the course via a prescribed climbing route. They may encounter some limited descending and technical challenges, but let there be no mistake: this stage is for the legs and the lungs. At the top of the course the Climber passes the timing baton to the descender, who races to the finish as quickly as possible, via a selection of descending routes. Party in the back, indeed.
  • Categories
    Men Women Coed Family Style (Parent/Child Team)
  • Rules
    No Rude Passing. The Uphill rider will hand off the timing baton to their Downhill teammate at the top. Transition time counts! In order to make sure the climbing leg and descending leg carry equal weight in the scoring, we'll scale descending times. To do this, we will divide the fastest overall climbing time of the day by the fastest overall descending time of the day, and multiply all of the descending times by the result.
  • Course
    Uphillers: Classic Missoula XC climb, plus a mix of roads and Hot Sauce trail. Downhillers: Bjorn Again or the new flow trail. If you want to win, and have the chops for jumps and drops, take Bjorn. For plain old trail ripping fun, choose the flow.
  • Schedule
    FRIDAY, JUNE 5 4-6pm Rider Registration and Packet Pick-Up: Marshall Mountain 5:30pm Descender Group Ride Departs: Marshall Mountain 6:30pm Race Start: Marshall Mountain 8pm Awards: Marshall Mountain
  • Kid's Activities
    That's right. Mullet Classic offers supervised children's programming so that mom and dad can both race. No excuses here! The programming is run through our friends at Missoula Parks and Recreation. You can reach out to Meg ( for more information.
  • Register
    Registration Opens Soon!
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