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As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, MTB Missoula is run by a whole lot of volunteers and two staff. We have an all-volunteer Board of Directors that oversees the direction of the organization, and seven volunteer committees that detail and assist with operations. Many Board members first get involved through one of these committees.


If you're interested in learning more, please contact us here.


Chair: Andy Althauser


  • Cory Sobin

  • Trent Baker

  • Anne Hobbs 

Administration Committee

The Admin committee does the unglamourous but necessary behind-the-scenes work to keep MTBM's wheels rolling. From budgeting to tax filing to HR, the Admin committee makes sure it happens, and we can't thank them enough for it.

We've got a strong network of support from members, local business partners, as well as grants and other funding sources. The fundraising committee makes sure that MTBM will be here and successful for the long haul.

Chair: Bruce Beighle


  • Phil Gardner

  • Sarah Millar 

  • Peter Lambros

  • Logan Castor Parson

  • Andrew Sullivan

Fundraising Committee

The trails committee oversees our volunteer maintenance and construction efforts, and makes plans for the trail infrastructure we'd like to see in the future. Trails committee members each take a personal role in some aspect of our volunteer program.



  • Guen Grosklos

  • Nick Zanetos

  • Joe Veit

  • Andrew Martin

  • Ken Smith

  • Natalie Wagenbrenner

Trails Committee

Focused on the political side, advocacy committee members keep tabs on local and regional policy and advocate for continued mountain bike access in the backcountry. 

Chair: Eric Anderson


  • Matt Radlowski

  • Luke Anderson

  • Heather McAdams

  • Larry Dent

Advocacy Committee

This is the team behind the Western Montana Trail Series, host of perennial favorites like the Mullet Classic, P-burg 46, and the Missoula XC. From dreaming up fun new ideas to helping execute them on the ground, events committee  members keep things weird and wonderful.

Chairs: Amanda Duley, Sarah Millar


  • Chase Callen

  • Tess Sneeringer

  • Andy Althauser

  • Craig Rigdon

  • Chis Haskell

  • Brendan Halpin

  • Kristin Litz

  • Jeff Bookwalter

  • Kristine Akland

Outreach & Events Committee

As a community-focused organization, MTBM's efforts are only useful when people know about them. This group of creatives gets the word out about what's going on and works to keep the trails as friendly and inviting as possible through the "wave back" campaign.

Chair: John Stegmaier


  • Erin Giefer

  • Alex Strickland

  • Morgan Hodge

  • Steve Snyders

PR Committee

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