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Rattlesnake National Recreation Area

Rattlesnake National Recreation Area

For good reason, the Rattlesnake is one of Missoula's most beloved recreation areas. Bridging from neighborhoods to bonafide wilderness, the Rattlesnake offers miles upon miles of trails. 

MTB Missoula has long been involved in caring for those trails. We've held a Cost Share agreement with the US Forest Service since 2010, which allows us to give back to the resources we as mountain bikers cherish.

Every year we saw out the blowdown on the Sheep Mountain trail network (along with Mill Creek outside of Lolo). In 2015, we did the layout and helped build the Fenceline reroute, including the final sections rerouted in 2021. In 2022, we designed and project-managed the east-side Wallman re-route. And in all the years between, we've cleared water bars and cut back brush. 

Bill Schultz, super volunteer
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