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Thank you, Missoula! Woodsy Spur trail construction underway

Thank you, Missoula

Last weekend, we raised $35,201 from 182 people and businesses. We can't thank you enough. Your contributions will go directly to advocating for trail development and mountain bike access, and will help us continue maintaining over 100 miles of local trails. You'll be able to see the effects directly this summer as the High, Wide, and Handsome trail to the top of Mount Dean Stone opens sometime in June (exact date TBA), and as we get started on continuing the trail along the ridge over Mitten Mt, all the way to Deer Creek Rd. We began work this week constructing the 1 mile Woodsy Spur connection to the bottom of High, Wide and Handsome, as part of the update to the City's South Hill Spur management plan. Our first volunteer day on this trail will be May 23. We'd like to thank our local business matching sponsors once again- their support enabled our biggest Missoula Gives yet!

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