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Spring Chainsaw Training - let us know your interest!

Aside for a brief Covid-era hiatus, we've run an annual saw training class since 2017, which is an instrumental part of being able to continue clearing the backcountry trails around Missoula, as we have for over 10 years running.

It's the time of year to gauge interest and put dates on the calendar- sometime in May. Our saw training is a USFS-approved course that includes an evening of classroom instruction and a full day of field practice, and is required for anyone running a chainsaw on one of our volunteer days. Students are also required to carry a current First Aid & CPR certification before any handling of a chainsaw on any USFS lands, so if you are planning on taking the saw class, it's a good idea to get that out of the way sooner than later (many courses are available but must include both First Aid and CPR- reach out to for more info).

Due to the high-maintenance nature of chainsaws, MTBM does not have a fleet of loaner saws. Our program is geared toward those who already have their own saw & PPE and would like to help with our clearing efforts.

Here's the link to the form. If you've already filled it out since Spring 2022, we've still got your name. Note: space will be limited to ensure quality instruction. Priority will be given to those with a history of attending volunteer days!

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