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New trails at Fish Creek State Park?

About 45 minutes east from the Orange St. Exit, Fish Creek State Park holds 5,600 acres of former timberland with tremendous potential for trail development. Montana State Parks has begun a planning process for managing recreation in the entire Fish Creek Watershed and is seeking public comment.

Fish Creek State Park overlooking the Alberton Gorge
Fish Creek State Park overlooking the Alberton Gorge - ripe with trail potential

While on the fringe of MTB Missoula's service area, we're excited by the prospect of the overall experience that could be created at the park. Imagine a network of great trails, dispersed camping along a trout stream, and white water rafting within an hour of Missoula. Fish Creek State Park has this potential.

There's a quick survey open now that we hope you'll take in support of trail development at the park. You'll see our initial groundwork in there with mentions to bike-specific trails. We're also advocating for a trail system that includes at least 20 miles of singletrack to create a destination-worthy ride spot. Our input as riders absolutely matters - please chime in!

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