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Missoula Gives is LIVE! with tremendous business matching


We've talked a bit about Missoula Gives. It's the community wide philanthropy event that's helping empower us to open a new trail to the top of Mount Dean Stone next month, extend that trail another 4.5 miles this summer, stay on top of land planning discussions on Forest Service lands and the Deep Creek trails, and keep maintaining 100 miles of trail right here in Missoula.

This year we're psyched to announce that we've got $13,500 in matching challenges from our local business partners. We are humbled to see such a massive amount of support from the business leaders that share our vision for a Missoula made better by trails. Your contributions will help us unlock this funding. Even a few dollars can make a huge difference (it costs about $5 to build a foot a trail), and we hope to be a part of your philanthropy goals for this year.

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