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Marshall Mountain Needs Your Voice

Mountain Bikers-

If you're reading this, you likely know that it's been a big year for Marshall Mountain. From the near loss, to rescue by Izzy Dog, to being managed for public use by Missoula Parks and Rec, we've been tracking progress the whole way. Here's the next step:

The City of Missoula is building a vision for the mountain, and they need your input. Head over to to complete a survey on what you'd like to see.

Marshall is a small area, close to town, with unique potential for high-density bike trail development. MTBM would love to see future park design allow for historical uses to thrive, while providing for broad public accessibility and minimized user conflict.

Here's some of the specific things we’ve got in mind:

  • Directional, mountain bike specific trails

  • Easier, accessible climbing trail

  • Trails for a wide range of skill levels, from beginner to expert to adaptive

  • Trails with a wide range of character, from smooth flow trails to steep technical trails

  • Bike skills park at base area

  • Existing upper trails continued down to the base area with a similar character

  • Compatibility with youth programming and events

Thanks for taking the time to engage, and thanks again blowing our recent Giving Tuesday fundraiser out of the water!

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