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Fall '19 Trail Work

Soil moisture is back for the foreseeable future, so with that we've got a handful of upcoming opportunities to give back to the trails.

National Public Lands Day arrives this year on Saturday, September 28. For 3 years we've been hard at work with the Five Valleys Land Trust Mount Dean Stone steering committee, building a plan for trails and recreation. Mount Dean Stone is located on the south side of Pattee Canyon, close to town and forming natural connections with existing trail systems. Last year we saw trailhead access projects completed at Sousa and Inez; this time we're helping FVLT install an all-abilities picnic loop along Miller Creek at the confluence with Little Park Creek. These smaller projects are setting the stage for a larger trail network connecting Pattee Canyon and the Barmeyer trail to the Miller Creek side of Dean Stone. Specifics of the future trail network are still being worked out, but we're excited to see things moving along. Info about helping out with this effort here.

Next up is the Fenceline Dig Day on Sunday October 6th. We'll be working on making flow adjustments to a reroute that happened in the springtime. Fenceline is a classic Missoula trail and a massively popular ride, so by putting in some proper grade reversals and adjusting the corners, we'll make a trail that's better to ride and doesn't get blown out. Click for details.

After that, we'll take a break from digging with the annual Bike Ball. Get weird and wild with your MTB friends at Free Cycles, October 18.

Finally, we'll head up to Marshall Mountain on October 26, to touch up the trails before the winter and work on some adjustments. Expect berm building, a little stewardship/forestry work, and a few burning brush piles to warm your hands with.

Hope to see you there!

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