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Chainsaw Training: March 31, 2019

Chainsaw Certification Course - March 31st, 2019

For the last decade, MTBM volunteers have been sawing out local backcountry trails under a cost share agreement with the Forest Service. Without this work, classic trails like Sheep Mountain would be on a 3 year maintenance rotation. Each year we cut between 200 and 500 trees out of the trail, so you can imagine what it would look like otherwise. We're proud that this work benefits trail users of all stripes, and invite all those interested to join in on the fun.

Local arborist Emily Garlough of Missoula Tree Preservation will be volunteering her time and expertise to get our sawyers certified for this volunteer season. Certification is required to operate a saw on our organized volunteer days. It's a great introduction to chainsaw use, but also is useful training for those with substantial experience. Certification is good for 3 years.

Scroll for the details on getting involved.

Each year we cut out the Sheep network, as well as Mill Creek/Carlton Ridge and another one or two farther out from Missoula. These are fun, hard, full days, and always spent with great company. On some summer evenings we help Five Valleys Land Trust by doing thinning work around the trails at Marshall.

- Certification is free, but necessary to saw on our organized volunteer days. If you already carry a certification and want to get involved, please email us!

- The course is intended for those who are serious about joining volunteer days

- This class is a Forest Service approved training

- First Aid/CPR certification is a prerequisite, which we offer on a weeknight evening before the saw training. If you can show current certification, you're good.

- You should own or be able to borrow a saw and the appropriate safety equipment. MTBM doesn't have loaner saws.

- Training is a full day on March 31, with a morning classroom session, included lunch, and afternoon field session.

Please RSVP or inquire for more information at your earliest convenience! Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page to reach Brian.

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