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Big Win for Backcountry Access

We heard a little good news from D.C. this week! The Recreation-Not-Redtape Act passed the House Natural Resources Committee favorably. This bill includes language which formally acknowledges the tremendous impact of outdoor recreation on the US economy, and instructs land managers to create an inventory of areas suitable for National Recreation Area designation. This is a big win for mountain biking and backcountry access.

This progress didn't happen without resistance, though, and Congressman Gianforte supported an amendment which would have gutted the Rec Area provisions if it had passed.

A more robust system of National Recreation Areas will allow for strong environmental protections while continuing to provide the backcountry riding opportunities we can't live without.

We spoke with his staff before and after the vote to let them know where we stand, but if you'd like to let your representative know how important outdoor recreation is to Montanans, feel free to give him a call.

Remember to be polite, and don't forget to mention that the Cheney Amendment was bad news.

Helena Office - 406-502-1435 DC Office - 202-225-3211

Want to learn more about Recreation Not Red Tape? Check out this great Op-Ed from our partners at Outdoor Alliance.

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