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Attend a Dig Day in 2024

Next to trail development, our work maintaining area trails and bike parks is our greatest contribution to the community. We're fortunate to have an extensive trail system in Missoula that will soon be expanding in multiple locations.

While Missoula's land managers do an excellent job with the resources they're provided, it simply doesn't cover all trail maintenance needs. MTB Missoula was born from this need and that's meant empowering volunteers to clear the Sheep Mountain Complex, restore corners on Hello Kitty, and repair degraded trail segments in Sawmill Gulch. It's brushing overgrowth on High, Wide & Handsome, it's tuning up the pump tracks in early spring and much more.

Dig days are fun, rewarding, and a great way to meet people who share a passion for trails. All tools and instruction are provided, so even if you've never done trail work before we can show you the ropes.

To make it easier to fit trail work into your schedule, we're trying out a few things for this field season:

  • Weekly emails and social posts sent on Sunday evening with the date and description of the dig(s) for that week

  • Offering dig days on varying days of the week and times

  • Partnering with weeknight rides groups to do a dig day in place of one pre-scheduled ride (please reach out to Nic)

  • Partnering with workplaces or other groups interested in a service event, family digs, etc.

In addition to reminder emails, you can find dig dates and times on our website, facebook, and instagram. Here's a quick look at our upcoming digs:

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