World-class XC racing in Montana

The Missoula XC is the flagship event of the Western Montana Trail Series, and has been a core component of the Missoula trail scene since 2010. As we look forward to how MTB Missoula best pursues its mission of making Missoula a better place through trails, we see that our time is best spent doing what we do best: building trails, keeping them open, and speaking up for you, the membership.

Beginning in 2021, we are beyond excited to announce that Shaun Radley of MTCX Ski & Bike Events will move forward as owner and director of the Missoula XC and the weeknight XC racing opportunities here in town. Shaun was the founding Race Director of the Missoula XC, and has been an essential part of the race ever since. He brings the passion and enthusiasm for racing that the event needs, and we at MTB Missoula are committed to supporting these events moving forward.

Check out the race page here!