TBD Summer

Dual Slalom Racing

Dual Slalom is short, fast-paced, head-to-head racing with berms and jumps. Each run will take around 30 seconds, and we'll work our way through a single elimination tournament bracket once racing starts at 6. Never done it before? That's ok. Join us starting at 4pm to get a few laps in and see how things work. Racing starts when a pneumatic start gate sends riders down the short course at exactly the same time. Just like in skiing, they must navigate around plastic wands and make it to the bottom as quickly as possible. At the Kwik-n-Dirty races, we won't have electronic timing - first one down advances, the second one down is done.

Race Venue

We're psyched to have access to a National Championship caliber dual slalom course at Marshall Mountain. Join us to see what it's all about! Marshall Mountain 5250 Marshall Canyon Rd. Missoula, MT 59802 If you're using a gps system be careful - simply entering "Marshall Mountain" has sent some people to the middle of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Food Trucks: We'll have food trucks each night. Beer!: Beer will be available from our good friends at Big Sky Brewing Company. It's free, but donations will keep this thing rolling!

Race Schedule

We'll let you know what dates look like a bit later in the season, but here's how the day-to-day looks: Dual Slalom 4-6pm: Practice on the course and get a feel for starting from a the gate. This is also the time to register by writing your name on the bracket and signing a waiver. 6pm: Racing starts. We'll work through the bracket. Winner goes on, loser goes to the food truck. 8pm (or so): Once racing is over we'll acknowledge our winners, but really we'll just hang out 'til the sun goes down! Chainless Downhill 5:30pm: Group ride leaves from the base area. Show up a few minutes early to snag a number and sign a waiver. 6ish: We'll start racing as soon as we get to the top. Riders will leave in 1 minute intervals. 8pm (or so): Once racing is over we'll acknowledge our winners, but really we'll just hang out 'til the sun goes down!

Race Rules

While we'll be racing on a National Championship course, things will run a little bit differently at the Kwik-n-Dirty series. Here's how it'll go: Registration: Racing is free! But be sure to write your name on the bracket and sign a waiver. Riders under 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign their waiver in order to race. How You Win: This is head-to-head racing: first one down wins. The winner is determined by the finish judge, who is always right. Even if he's wrong, he's right. No arguing with the finish judge. Seeding: There will be no seeding runs, and riders will be matched up according to how they sign in on the bracket. Race lane will be determined at the start line by rock, paper, scissors. We shoot on "shoot" here. As in "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot." You have been warned. Categories: There are no categories here. Men and women race against each other, and we don't differentiate by age. The one expection here is for kids' racing. Kids 6-13 will have their own corner of the bracket, which will funnel into the semi-finals of the big bracket. Kids' Racing: We're proud to offer it! But we do ask that if kids under 18 race they have a parent on site to sign the waiver, and during the event in case of a crash. Younger kids need to make sure that their bikes have hand brakes (no striders or coaster brakes), and that they pre-ride the course to see what starting from a gate is like.

Wait Hang On Racing Is Free?

You bet. The Kwik-n-Dirty Series is free to enter. Let's see how this goes! Of course it doesn't cost nothing to pull of of these things off, so we'll have a donation bucket out by the beer to help cover insurance. We're able to do things like this because of our ridiculously great bunch of sponsors and volunteers. Here's the folks who are really making this happen. If you see 'em around, please be sure to say thanks and maybe stop into one of these local businesses.

Chainless Downhill

This is our last race of the season, and we would hate for you to have to pedal. So once you make it to the top, everyone will remove their chain and we'll have a gravity-only race to the bottom. Join us for a group ride to the top at 5:30, or make it up there as quickly as you can. We'll send riders down at 1 minute intervals. We'll be timing this one with a stopwatch, so ties will be broken by feats of strength!