Fatbike Grooming

Fatbike Trails at Twin Creeks

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Twin Creeks Etiquette

  • Don't ride if you're leaving deep ruts

  • 3.8" tires or larger only

  • Tire pressure: 1-4 psi for soft groomed conditions, 5-8 for firm surface

  • Don't ride if there's bare ground- these are winter routes only

The Nature Conservancy allows us to groom these fatbike trails on their property at Twin Creeks, part of the Clearwater Blackfoot Project.

Thank you!

Two ways to get involved

Grooming is 100% volunteer run. If you love fatbiking, consider getting involved with the grooming effort.

We have an amazing crew of volunteer groomers, but it takes money to keep equipment and the organization running.

The Beast

Our custom, fully-electric tracksled groomer

A collaboration between MTBM board member Ken Smith and fabricator August Lockwood of Seeley Lake spawned our cutting edge grooming machine: a 400 pound, 27 horsepower sort-of-snowmobile driven by Tesla lithium ion batteries repurposed from an electric car. 


The Beast is a one-of-a-kind example of silent, emission-free snow grooming equipment, and was funded by a grant from REI. Thanks to them!

Volunteer groomer Ben Grass riding The Beast