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 Clearwater Blackfoot

Weed treatment, Protecting the land, promoting recreation

It's hard to put 117,000 acres in perspective. That's nearly 1/8 of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. 1/7 of Rhode Island. Roughly the same size as Flathead Lake. Or, like 90,000 football fields.

Either way, The Nature Conservancy bought that much land in Western Montana a couple years ago. It stretches almost all the way from Missoula to Seeley Lake, so we've been tracking the developments, attending meetings, and advocating on behalf of mountain bikers ever since.

After decades of intensive timber production and road building, invasive weeds are a real problem. To help The Nature Conservancy rehabilitate the land before it's transferred into public ownership, we secured a grant from REI in 2017 to pay for weed treatment along a 30 mile gravel road bike route across the property. 

Looking forward, we'll continue to advocate for bikes, give back to the land, and look for singletrack opportunities where possible. Read more here.

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Fatbike grooming

We've been busy developing fatbike trails on TNC land at Twin Creeks. Check it out on the Fatbike Missoula page!

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