MTB Missoula’s Mission is to promote the development and sustainability of mountain biking in the Missoula area.


MTB Missoula is a leader in the MIssoula community. The organization ensures the sustainability of existing trail resources, provides sustainable trail building expertise, and serves as a unifying voice for the mountain bike community in the Missoula area. MTB Missoula is dedicated to advocating for mountain biking in the region, and embraces this goal as an expert voice in the technical aspects of sustainable trails, through community outreach and events, and through rider and youth education.


We maintain over 80 miles of singletrack for the benefit of all user groups

We are building bike-optimized trails within riding distance of town

We are protecting access to beloved alpine rides and collaborating with Wilderness groups

We promote the Missoula XC and the Western Montana Trail Series, popular events that cater to a wide range of riders