Iron Daisy Enduro

September 9, 2017 


The Iron Daisy Enduro is the new face of mountain bike racing in Montana. It’s a backcountry racing experience on raw, undiscovered singletrack in the heart of the Rocky Mountain west. It’s a big day of racing, but features creature comforts like rider shuttles, fully catered meals, and camping on the banks of the Clark Fork River.

This is a partner format enduro race. You and a teammate will traverse 25 miles of untamed singletrack in the Montana backcountry. The course is remote, the consequences are real. In the spirit of a backcountry adventure race you’ll need to look out for your teammate as well as the other racers.


    In the spirit of blind racing, the course will be presented at the rider meeting on the evening of September 8th. Expect to see 2-4 timed segments over 20-30 miles, with 5000-7000′ of climbing and 8000-10,000′ of descending. The race will feature untapped singletrack in and around Thompson Falls, Montana. Some of these trails see little use, others haven’t been cleared for years. We’re pretty sure you haven’t ridden these trails.

  • Friday, September 8
    Camping Check InNoon-7:30pmThompson Falls State Park
    Racer Check In6-9pmBig Eddy’s
    Mandatory Racer Meeting8pmBig Eddy’s
    Load Bikes for First Shuttle9-10pmThompson Falls State Park
    Saturday, September 9
    First Shuttle Departs7amThompson Falls State Park
    Second Shuttle Departs9:30amThompson Falls State Park
    Time Cutoff 12:30pmTBA
    Time Cutoff 26:30pmTBA
    Happy Hour(s)5-8pmShuttle Pickup, Thompson Falls State Park
    Dinner, Awards8pmThompson Falls State Park

    The Iron Daisy Enduro is a partner format enduro bicycle race. The race is made up of several timed special segments, which are interspersed by un-timed transition segments. The winner will be the rider or team that completes each timed stage with the lowest combined time. 

    Buddy System Racing

    Each rider is timed and scored separately. However, you may not begin a timed segment before your partner checks in, or begin the transition segment before your partner finises their timed run. Riders who arrive at timed segments separately will be assessed a 5 minute penalty.


    In 2017 we are offering five categories:

    Individual Men

    Individual Women

    Team Men

    Team Women

    Team Coed

    Individual categories are just that: fastest rider wins. Team categories are the combined time of both team members. Riders race and are timed separately, and those times are combined for the team score.


    Required Gear Checks

    Please review the required gear and ensure that you and your partner are properly equipped. You will need to present your required gear in order to pick up number plates, and random checks will occur throughout the day. Teams who fail to carry required gear will be assessed a 10 minute penalty.


    Spirit of the Backcountry

    This is a remote backcountry race. While we feel that the team format will improve camaraderie at the event, it is intended as a safety measure. If you come across another team with an injury, we ask that you stop and assist them, even if you’re racing. If you interrupt a timed segment to assist a rider in need, you will be given the position of your highest placement in a timed stage.

  • In order to ensure participant safety, we ask that individuals and teams carry certain equipment.

    Individual Gear

    • Helmet – Full face not required
    • Pack (backpack, framebag, etc. – capable of carrying all required gear)
    • 2L water capacity
    • Spare tube
    • Patch kit
    • Wind/Rain jacket

    Team Gear

    • Tire pump
    • First Aid Kit
    • Tire boot
    • Chain Tool, spare link
  • Food and camping is on us. Please join us Friday and Saturday night at the Thompson Falls State Park. We’ve got the place to ourselves, and we’re looking forward to soaking it all in on the banks of the Clark Fork River. Lunch on Saturday is provided by our friends at Burns St. Bistro, and dinner Saturday evening is from the local smokehouse at the Highlead Saloon.